What Do You Need To Know About Demolition Services in Minneapolis?

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

In Minnesota, demolition services are required for a variety of reasons. Among these reasons are land developments, removal of condemned buildings, and clearing away homes that were destroyed. These services ensure that the property is removed completely and all potential health risks are managed appropriately. The following are details residents and land developers need to know about Demolition Services in Minneapolis.

What Requirements Apply to Obtaining a Permit?

The demo service must complete an application as defined in state regulations. They must submit the application to the city or county building code office. The demo service must identify all steps of the service they are provided for this individual project. This includes whether or not they intend to use explosives and a complete assessment of possible risks to the public. Once the permit is issued, the demo service has a predetermined amount of time to complete the service. They must also schedule an inspection during the project and once it is completed to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

What is Typically Included in Demo Services?

Typically, the demo services include tearing down the building and clearing off the land. However, the demo services may include additional services depending on any existing health concerns present at the location. They must also issues notices to the public and ensure that the property has existing barriers to prevent access.

Who is Liable if an Accident Occurs?

If the accident occurs due to a failure to provide a warning, the demolition service may be liable for injuries sustained. However, if an injury occurs due to any hazardous conditions inside or around the building, the property owner may be liable due to non-disclosure of these risks. A health and safety inspector will assess the accident and define this liability for the victims.

In Minnesota, demolition services are provided to eliminate unwanted structures from commercial and residential properties. The services are performed by licensed professionals who are aware of safety regulations. These providers follow specific requirements according to safety regulations issues by the state and the federal government. Residents or commercial property owners who need demolition services in Minneapolis can contact us now for more information.

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