Can an Air Hand Dryer Increase Accessibility?

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Not all restrooms are created equally, and even those that meet accessibility requirements for individuals with disabilities might not be universally accommodating. In a world where everyone has different needs, increasing the ability for every washroom visitor to comfortably use your facilities can be difficult. An air hand dryer can increase the ease-of-use of your restroom for everyone.

Frees Up Hands

Trying to navigate washing up while simultaneously steering a wheelchair or walker can be complicated. If you’re living with arthritis, the seemingly simple act of selecting an appropriate number of paper towels to dry your hands with can be excruciating. An individual who has sensory input issues may find the texture of paper towels enough to ruin their day. These are just some of the troubles washroom guests may encounter when trying to dry their hands. A hand dryer requires only a button press at most to use, streamlining the process and freeing up your guest’s hands for other important tasks.

Reduces Reaching and Bending

There are guidelines for mounting paper towel dispensers and hand dryers, so they’re accessible to both wheelchair users and those who are typically-abled. Even so, an air hand dryer eliminates the amount of reaching or bending a user goes through to dry their hands. A paper towel dispenser mounted at the height needed for accessibility still requires some degree of reaching, leaning or shifting of body weight for some users – something not everyone can accomplish easily. Hand dryers, even those without motion-sensors, are less cumbersome to access.

Saves Time

Nobody wants to spend more time than they have to in the washroom. A hand dryer saves time for everyone. Typical hand dryer users operate them for about 30 seconds on average, regardless of ability level. The average restroom guest uses at least two paper towels to dry their hands. For those living with mobility issues, dexterity problems or motor skill differences, the task of hand drying with paper towels can take significantly longer than the half minute it takes to use a hand dryer.

Increases Restroom Accessibility

Universal accessibility is the design principle that makes fixtures and features easily available to everyone, regardless of ability level or individual impairments. An air hand dryer is easier to incorporate into accessible bathroom designs than even the most automated paper towel dispenser, making it a popular choice for those seeking to make their facilities welcome to all visitors. Visit the website for more information.

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