Three of the Best Affordable Small Wedding Venues on the San Antonio River Walk

Three of the Best Affordable Small Wedding Venues on the San Antonio River Walk

More and more couples are going for small, low-key weddings to save money and make their day more intimate and special, shared only between them and their immediate family and closest friends. There are multiple affordable and aesthetically pleasing locations on the San Antonio River Walk that cater especially to small weddings or lower budgets. All locations are owned and operated by the City of San Antonio and require a permit fee of $225.  Here are a few of the best:

1. Marriage Island

You can reserve this small, intimate and historical venue for a beautiful wedding in the middle of River Walk. It provides great photo opportunities for an outdoor ceremony and can be booked only a few days in advance, making it ideal for a last minute marriage and military members who may be being deployed, that is still special and memorable.  The island only holds a total of 10 people so it is not meant for big productions but more intimate and quick weddings.

2. Convent Park

This location could be considered the San Antonio River Walk’s hidden gem for weddings.  Just a block away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist section of the River the small park can host up to 30 guests and include amphitheater seating. This hidden away venue is quiet and only has the picturesque background of the river.

3. La Gloria Waterfalls

Ever explored the Museum Reach of the San Antonio River Walk?  This more locally driven part of the River Walk hosts San Antonio’s Culinary District at the Pearl Brewery.  This small island is perfect for couples wanting to get away from the more tourist driven part of the River Walk and explore the amazing eats and home of The Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio.  This small island has a beautiful waterfall as the backdrop for the ceremony making it perfect for amazing photography.

Marriage Island, Convent Park, and The La Gloria Waters are all fantastic choices for small weddings that are intimate, fun, and provide photo opportunities all for an affordable price. Contact their respective staff today to make a booking and start planning your special day.