What Does Event Production In Brisbane Entail?

by | Jan 13, 2017 | event planning

Event production in Brisbane can be thought of as the magic making the action take place. When you hire it from Solution Red, you get a team that is trained to handle almost anything. They will determine what you’ll need, where it should be placed, and everything else that pertains to production. These producers know that they have a lot to cover, meaning they will know how to plan ahead.


Primarily, you should seek to have a schedule and checklist available for view. While most event production companies in Brisbane will do this automatically, they may not share it with you. It’s good to be kept in the loop, so you know that everything is covered. These checklists will include even minute details, including when and where the equipment is loaded, who is in charge of setting up, and more.


Audio-visual equipment will also be brought in. It is best if the company you choose owns their equipment. You’ll probably need microphones, speakers, amplifiers, projectors, and much more. While most people don’t think about visuals, they can be a helpful way to tell a story with pictures, so you may want to consider creating some visuals for your event.


In most cases, you will have many people there managing your event from the company you choose. However, some people may prefer to use their employees instead of the event production crew. Make sure you have enough people on hand to cover everything, and that everyone is familiar with each other. If you’re choosing to use your own staff as well as the hired production team, consider scheduling a meet-and-greet, so everyone gets familiarised with each other.


Light is essential for video production, so it’s best that you seek recommendations from the hired company and ensure that you have proper lighting.

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