How Paper Stickers Still Have A Place In Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve probably heard it before that paper stickers aren’t as good as vinyl and other material when marketing. Because they are a permanent fixture and must be ripped or washed away, most company owners disregard them as a useful marketing tool. However, stickers have been around for over 65 years, helping people get elected to office, establishing brands, advertisements, increasing exposure for certain situations, and much more. Despite having a low cost, good impression, and being relatively long-lasting, they haven’t gotten the attention they deserve.

Go Beyond The Bumper

Stickers don’t just have to be placed on the bumper anymore. Big, rectangular, white labels put on the back of a car can still be popular, but so are promotional stickers of all sizes and shapes.

Consider It Old School (Social Media)

Paper stickers are a physical, offline form of communication and broadcasting. People were posting their views, tagging, and generating conversations with those paper labels before the Internet came to be. When designed and distributed correctly, they can create a low-cost good impression of you and your business.

Go Anywhere

While people associate paper stickers with kids, many adults love to receive stickers in the mail. They can use them to decorate an envelope or notebook, but they can also use them to support causes they feel strongly about. With the right design and your logo, you can reach hundreds of people without doing anything.

Your Gift To Others

People love to receive free gifts, whether they are advertised or not. If someone purchases a product (either online or in the store), consider dropping in a bunch of paper stickers with your logo, brand, or other image/motto that reminds them of you. They’ll be grateful that you thought of them and can use them in a variety of ways. Contact Gecko Sticker Signage today at 1300 799 340!