VPS cPanel And WHM: A Basic Explanation For Non-Technical People

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Business

It can be challenging for someone new to hosting services to work through all of the different technology. This is sometimes made more complicated by information online that may not be accurate or that may not be geared to a non-IT audience.

For those interested in working with a hosting service offering dedicated servers, there will be many choices to make including required features, RAM, bandwidth, uplink speed, IP addresses as well as the specific location of the server and the CPU. Additionally, you will also need to choose if you will use VPS cPanel or WHM.

A Simple Explanation

WHM stands for WebHost Manager. This is the system that allows full control at an administrative level for the server. With a dedicated server, there is full access to the server, which is not available in a shared server where users only have limited access to customization and control.

WHM is used to access and change the specifics of the server. This includes changing features, adding domains, creating accounts and even in server maintenance, changing security features and other administrative types of tasks.

VPS cPanel or Virtual Private Server cPanel is the way to manage different accounts on the server. This could include controlling and managing email, managing databases, hosting accounts or other similar types of functions and tasks. The cPanel is licensed and it is selected based on the type of server. This includes using a dedicated server or a virtual server.

A top hosting service will provide you with information on the correct VPS cPanel for your server. They will provide the license and configure the server to meet your needs, including all the security you require as well as the personalized and customized features to meet your specific requirements.

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