3 Tech-Related Services an Event Planner Might Provide

by | May 3, 2019 | event planning

Parties are not as simple as they used to be. While it is still fun to gather your friends and have a good old-fashioned dance party with food and gift bags, you can also add some tech-related elements. Technology has disrupted industries across the board, including the party industry. Event Planning Companies Dallas TX, in addition, to planning all aspects of a must-attend event, keep up with the trends.

Here are three tech-related services an event planner might provide.

Video Dance Floor

No dance party is complete without a dance floor, and the latest kind of dance floor available is a video dance floor. In the movie Saturday Night Fever, when John Travolta’s character gets down on the dance floor, it is on a floor that lights up. A video dance floor has similar effects, and it takes the effects a step further. This video marvel has the ability to stream live footage of the event as well as personal photos, custom animations and music videos. Made from LED technology, the floor can even stream live sporting games. The idea is if something can be shown on a television screen, it can be streamed on the floor, too.

Audio and Visual

While your friends are having fun on the dance floor, they may not necessarily notice if the quality of the audio and the visuals are the best. An event planner, however, can set up the top-quality audio and visuals so that if you have a discerning friend, he will be pleased.

Video Production

Video recording is normal these days. Anyone with a smartphone can capture a moment. Event Planning Companies Dallas TX, though, records your event’s moments for you, and then, delivers them to you so you can share with your guests and keep them forever in your collection.

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