5 Things to Improve the Results of Your Unconscious Bias Training

5 Things to Improve the Results of Your Unconscious Bias Training

There are plenty of ways to improve the results of an unconscious bias training session. Here’s how:


Sensitivity training is much more effective if there is already an awareness that it exists, that there are situations wherein people let their biases and prejudices force them to act, think or believe a certain way, Forbes says. Well-trained sensitivity training providers can help your employees realize this.


If you want to get the most out of your unconscious bias training sessions and achieve successful results that have a meaningful impact on your organization, your effort needs to be continuous. If your organization’s is only doing the training to address the negative publicity that resulted in one or a few of your employees allowing their biases to negatively affect a customer’s trust and buying experience, then the training will not be successful long-term.

Follow up

Following up after the training is necessary. Following up with your employees is going to help evaluate how successful the training was and whether or not your employees learned the lessons well enough to integrate them into the way they interact with customers and colleagues alike.

Long term

If you want to make sure the training sessions count then plan the workshops ahead of time. Think of your long-term goals. The idea is that these sessions are a part of ongoing and long-term efforts in your company to improve sensitivity and prevent issues or problems that spring up from employee biases or prejudices. That means that a one-time training session may not be enough to get rid of the biases and make a lasting, if discernible, difference in the attitudes and behaviors of your staff.


Pick a reputable provider of corporate sensitivity training and workshops. Check the goals and outcomes of the training courses to figure out if the firm offers suitable solutions based on your goals. Are the training goals aligned with your own goals and vision? Do your homework and find out.