Why Should I Have a Fire Alarm?

Though we don’t often think about them until we hear one go off, fire alarms are essential, life saving tools every property owner, whether it’s a homeowner or a small business owner, should be aware of. If you haven’t had your fire alarm in Louisville, KY, updated or checked out for routine maintenance in a long time, here are a couple of reasons you should think about doing so as soon as possible.

A Working Fire Alarm Means Lives Could Be Saved

Quite simply, having a working fire alarm in Louisville, KY, could be the difference between you and your family or customers escaping to safety in the event of a fire. The number of people whose lives are saved by fire alarms each year numbers in the tens of thousands, and that number is only likely to increase, especially in places like California where there is a direct link between the increase in the global temperature and the number of wildfires the state sees each year.

In The Event of a Natural Disaster, It Might Be the Only Way to Call for Help

When you have a working fire alarm in Louisville, KY, you are also taking one of the only real steps you can take in preventive planning for a natural disaster. A proper fire alarm system will also have a monitoring service that allows your fire alarm to continue working and call out for help in the event of a natural disaster. This is because monitoring stations are often off site and have multiple backup generators so no matter what happens outside, the alarm continues to work.

The small investment you make upfront in having a working fire alarm in Louisville, KY, can pay off in the long run.

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