What To Expect In 2D Animation Courses

by | Apr 25, 2016 | Business

It may seem that anything 2D is a thing of the past, and 3D is all that matters, but knowing the basics and the traditional forms of animation is essential for any animator.

2D animation, which may also be called cel animation or hand drawn animation, can actually be completed in a variety of different software programs, and it is used to create some of the most striking types of animations online.

The Original Animation

With vector animation, which is the computerized version of traditional hand drawn animation, the computer actually creates a copy of the image, and various tools are used to change the image slightly to create the appearance of movement.

The art of hand drawn animation is very exacting and requires specific attention to detail to create slight variations in the drawing that, when passed across a light, are projected onto a surface to give the appearance of movement. This is also the same principle as those old style of flip-books, although far more detailed in the actual nuances to create the movement.

The Computer Vector Animation

If you have seen animation online on a website, a short animated video or other types of productions, you are probably watching Flash animation, which uses 2D animation technology.

In these programs, an original image is developed, and then the computer is able to duplicate that image. The animator uses as series of tools through the software program that slightly alters the position of the various elements of the image, giving the illusion of movement when the video or Flash animation is viewed.

The basics of 2Danimation allow people with limited animation experience to create complex and detailed types of images and movement. With the computer program designed to allow movement without having to draw each frame by frame sequence through the use of tools and rigs, movement can be complete faster and more effectively.

The new types of 2D animation through software programs also offer much more subtle variations in tools to provide more lifelike movement. This completely eliminates the jerky or disjointed look of some of the old styles of Flash programs that were in use just a couple of decades ago.

While there is an increase in the demand for 3D animation, 2D is still very popular and has a real impact for specific types of projects. It is also a great option for website design where it continues to be used along with other animation options.

At Hi-Tech Animation, our instructors will provide students with the training they need to be effective at 3D and 2D animation through software programs.

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