3 ways link building changed over the past ten years

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Business

Although white-hat methods done by our Website Design in Gilroy experts have changed over time, building links remains amongst the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Take a look at the following 3 ways building links has changed in ten years:

Anchor text that is rich in keywords gets you in trouble

Ten years ago, using anchor text that was keyword-rich was the ideal method of giving certain ranking power to inbound links. These days, Google’s quality assessments are so sophisticated they’re able to find unnatural use of anchor text for manipulative reasons, and it now is amongst the most recognizable signs of a spammy link. Anchor text ought to be natural in order to avoid triggering penalties.

Link earning includes a viable method

According to our Website Design experts in Gilroy, the term “link building” will refer to the manual procedure of placing links upon external websites.

Years ago, it was not an attractive tactic for link-building because even though Gthe search engine contained guidelines on spammy links, these guidelines weren’t enforced. Therefore, the cheapest and fastest method of improving your search visibility was with manipulativem spammy tactics which were very popular. More importantly, these tactics worked.

Now that the search engine does an excellent job at discouraging manipulative, spammy practices of link building, link earning once again is a viable tactic.

It is more difficult to break in

Although most of these developments made building links easier, it actually is more difficult than ever to build great links.

If you are going with the “link earning” tactic, obtaining natural inbound links upon the merits of your own content will require an established audience or level of pre-existing authority, making beginning from scratch a huge obstacle for small businesses and startups. It often times takes an increase from an existing authority, maybe through guest posts, to begin to build your brand and an audience.

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