Two Options for Residential Solar in Bloomington

For many people, a way to provide necessary electric power at acceptable costs is to go for residential solar in Bloomington. However, when a person decides to use solar power as their only source of electricity or to supplement grid power, there are a few things that will need to be considered to make the right choice on a solar power system.

There are basically two types of systems. One type of system is a standalone solar power unit. These units are best used in remote areas where access to grid power is unavailable. These systems can be fairly large, depending on the size of the home, or they can be small. In any event, the home will receive all of its electrical power via a standalone system.

The second type of system and one of the most well-known types of solar power system is a grid connected solar system. These systems have a number of advantages. This unit will have to be wired into the home’s electrical panel and during times that the system produces enough electricity for the entire home, no grid power will be provided. In the event the system isn’t providing enough electricity, the excess will be made up from connected grid power. Better yet, there are some instances where this system can actually make a homeowner money.

This scenario occurs when the solar power is creating an excess of energy that isn’t being used by the home. In these cases, the power company may purchase that energy from the homeowner – be sure to check the requirements and laws in your area. The energy is put into the grid system and with special metering devices, a homeowner can be paid by the electric company for the excess electricity that is put back into the grid. If the system is robust enough, long-term profits can even pay for the system and its installation, but again check what energy companies in your area are required to do.

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