Lead Abatement in Atlanta and Other Cities Is Regulated and Monitored

Lead abatement activities in all states are regulated and monitored. Before starting lead abatement in Atlanta and other cities, a certified firm has to notify the Environmental Protection Agency. The abatement firm will send a notice that includes the start date of the project, the expected completion date of the project, the contact information of the firm performing the job, and the property owner’s name. Other important information will also have to be included.

Safety is of utmost concern when performing lead abatement in Atlanta. Protective personal equipment has to be used. At a minimum, protective equipment would include goggles, disposable coveralls, gloves, shoe covers, and a respirator.

There are some methods that are preferred for lead abatement. These include enclosure, paint removal, encapsulation, and replacement. Some methods are not recommended or are illegal. These include sandblasting the surface, scraping off-dry paint, using a heat gun or torch, using chemicals to remove lead paint, or high-pressure washing or blasting the paint in an uncontained way.

If you need lead removed from the property you own, be sure that you do a thorough research when choosing the company you will hire. You want to be sure that they follow all the guidelines set out by organizations that monitor and regulate lead abatement. This protects workers and those who reside in or work inside the property you own.

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