Tips For Buying Bathroom Hand Dryers

Once you’ve decided that bathroom hand dryers are the best choice for your company, it’s time to start searching for the perfect one. However, most people aren’t very familiar with the machines, though they have likely used them before. You should consider noise levels, running costs, performance, and other factors when deciding on a brand or manufacturer.


When you consider the price of the machine, it’s also important to factor in installation costs and how much it will cost to run it each month. Prices will vary depending on the model, style, and features it includes. For example, HEPA-certified bathroom hand dryers can cost more than more traditional options. Likewise, if the hands are placed in the dryer, it can cost more than if the hands are underneath.


The most common complaint with bathroom hand dryers is that they are incredibly noisy. Customers who use the facilities are sometimes startled by how loud they are. Likewise, they may worry that it can be heard outside the restrooms or frighten children.


The next thing to consider is what features you want for the dryer. Times have changed tremendously and you no longer only have one or two options. You can find hands-in options, hands-under versions, high-speed varieties, and those that can save even more money on energy. Some may also have HEPA filtration, not use chemicals, and much more.


If you’re still unsure which bathroom hand dryers suit your needs, consider how well they perform. Read forums and testimonials, as well as look them up online. You’ll find a lot of information from users who’ve purchased them in the past, helping you make an informed decision. Likewise, you may want to consider the warranty included with the machine in case there is a problem.