What to expect when you visit Salalah

The capital city of Oman’s southern Dhofar and Zufar area is Salalah. It’s oftentimes thought to be the “2nd city” of the Sultanate, even though some of the designation probably is because of its distinction as the birthplace of Sultan Qaboos.

The area is known for its monsoon (khareef), and Khareef Festival includes a yearly event there. Most people in the area will indeed be very shocked to view non-Arab visitors during other periods of the year.


Keep in mind to collect a road map from the airport, or an agent who is promoting Salalah as a destination for tourists. It may be very helpful if you become lost somewhere and require directions to a hotel.

Sports utility vehicles perform the best job at carrying you around and in Salalah, as many places of tourists’ interests lie off the road. Salalah will experience yearly rainfall within the months of July to September; therefore, off-roading upon slippery terrain and slopes isn’t recommended for salon vehicles. Bear in mind to arrange your sports utility vehicle from auto rentals (Thrifty/Europcar/Avis/Budget) well ahead of tome if you intend to perform some serious off-roading.

Keep in mind to carry your visa papers/passport with you every place you go, at least the photocopies; as you might expect military patrols/local police to check on you as you least expect them to; even if you’re inside city limits (it is simply a routine process to check for illegal immigrants/workers.)


In Salalah, Frankincense is a great souvenir purchase. Myrrh is also fairly simple to locate, as are the plethora of Omani perfumes all throughout the country.


If you determine to go to places outside of Salalah city (great advice for traveling anyplace inside Oman), keep in mind to carry a bit of food packed for emergencies (sandwiches, fruit juices, fruits recommended) as there are very few restaurants outside of the city. Always carry along a bottle of water as you might not locate a store on the highway. However, there is an excellent ocean-side cafe upon the way to Mughsayl, as well as the tidal geyser there.


There are many oceanfront hotels in Salalah, but the Fanar Hotel and Residences is amongst the best.