Surviving a Blind Date Without Falling Asleep

Disastrous blind dates are nothing new. Whether you’ve got well-meaning friends and family who set you up for them or if you were just unlucky enough to set them up yourself, it can be tricky extricating yourself from one. Here’s how to survive a blind date so boring you’ll probably lapse into a protective coma if you could.

Have zero expectations

Coming to a date expecting to meet your soulmate can lead to disappointment. You’ll be better off going on those dates with the mindset that you’re just hanging out with a friend. That way, if there’s any connection, you’ll end up pleasantly surprised instead, Bustle shares.

Look for a matchmaker

If you have bad luck with dates, it may be time to get help from pros. A matchmaker will consider your background and preferences to set you up with people you have common interests with. That should make for a good start to your date. With pros to help you find the right dating prospects in Orlando, you’re less likely to end up with a boring date.

Get the conversation going

Don’t let awkward pauses get the best of you. Ask questions. What do you like to watch? What food or cuisine do you love? Where do you want to travel the most? That’s one way to keep your interest and your date’s attention engaged.

Dress the part

Making the right impression counts. A good matchmaker will try hard to get you the best dating prospects in Orlando. You wouldn’t want to come to your date looking like a disheveled hobo. Make sure you look sharp and casual instead of messy and sloppy. If your clothes say you’re not interested, even if you are, that’s going to send a message to your date. If you don’t want to survive through another boring blind date, dress the part. When the right one comes along, you’ll be happy you did.