At Home Vet Care In Chicago

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Veterinarian

Are you looking for the best vet care possible for your vet? Do you have a companion animal that is susceptible to illness, is geriatric or simply fearful of vet visits? If any of these applies, you should probably consider at home vet care. In Chicago, this is increasingly becoming a popular option.

What Is At Home Veterinarian Care?

At home, veterinarian care is a service currently offered by several veterinarians in Chicago. It may take on several forms. The two basic variations are:

1. At or in-home visits
2. Mobile services

At Home Vet Visits

With this type of at home care, the veterinarian comes to your home, enters and administers the necessary care. This does have both its benefits and limitations. It reduces the stress resulting from a traditional in-office vet visit. It also makes it easier for those with busy schedules to arrange and be a part of the vet visit. For elderly pet owners, at home vet care is more convenient. This is particularly valid for those who have mobility issues (pets and people) and do not have access to transportation.

Mobile Vet Visits

In Chicago, another option for at home veterinarian care is the mobile clinic. While the clinic may remain outside, it is at your front door. You can simply open the door of your home or take the elevator down to meet the vet in the parking lot. The mobile clinic offers a variety of services. Moreover, some of the vets who operate the mobile clinics do visit inside your home, removing the need to venture outside if your pet is fearful, or simply hates the idea of vets and/or car rides.

At Home Vet Care

If you live in Chicago, you may want to consider at home vet care. It is becoming a popular option. With today’s aging and pet-loving population, it is possibly an idea whose time has come.

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