How to Draw Trade Show Traffic to Your Booth

How to Draw Trade Show Traffic to Your Booth

NYC Trade shows are a great opportunity to increase awareness about your brand and draw the interest of potential customers or business partners. But the first challenge is getting your booth to stand out from a sea of others, and drawing in traffic instead of being passed by. A custom-designed booth by consultants at Nimlok New York City is a great example of where to start, with various booth layouts and lighting to choose from. Here are a few more tips for drawing in traffic.

Go With a Stand-Out Design

Don’t go for the classic booth layout. With a custom design, you can turn your booth into a unique experience. You’ll want to use a layout that makes your booth feel less square and more immersive. Using various textures in the construction or a different type of flooring or carpeting within your booth can add to the effect.

Use Unique Art and Lighting

Creative lighting and design elements can draw the eye of trade show attendees and make them want to take a closer look at your booth. Use lighting to your advantage to both highlight what you want to be seen first, and pique curiosity for what else is in store.

Promote on Social Media

People in NYC love to post about trade shows on social media. Whether it’s photos of their swag, tweets about what they’ve found interesting, or just a “Check-In” on Facebook, you can be sure to find hundreds of posts trending on related hashtags. Make sure to post regular social media updates, as social media and website content are important marketing tools, according to Forbes. And don’t forget to promote your brand and booth well in advance of the trade show. Create a buzz on social media about what you’ll be showcasing to make your upcoming presence and draw interest.

With some brainstorming and the expertise of design professionals, you can create a highly successful trade show experience.