How to Shop for Wide Format Printers

Shopping for wide format printers in Tyler TX isn’t something to be taken lightly. Given how much a unit would cost you, you’ll need to make sure you end up with the best possible one. How? Read on and find out:

Ask Why

Determine your purpose for buying one. That applies even if you already have a unit and you’re simply scouting around for a replacement because the old is starting to give up the ghost. If your printer is an old one, then you’ll need to know what other features are essential to you so you can check out the latest ones and decide which upgrades you want.

Know the Basics

Cover the basics. How much space do you have? How big do you need the printer to be? What kind of materials do you want to generate with the printer? Want to produce outdoor or indoor signs? Will you use vinyl, canvas, paper, fabric or vinyl or something else? You’ll need to know what you’ll work with in the future so you can pick the best wide format printers in Tyler TX.

Get the Right Size

It makes for better financial sense if you go for a printer and media combo that would allow you to economize on media and print times, says Sign Industry. That way, you can print with little to no waste. Also consider opting for printers that print at a higher square foot per hour speed. Check if these are available in full media width.

Go for quality

What kind of viewing distance will the signs need to work for? If you want greater interest and response from your buying audience, you’ll need to go for quality options. Consider the number of colors available to ensure you capture the shades and hues as vividly as possible.
Ready to shop? Use these tips to make your shopping easier.