Safety Tips to Live By When You Work with Carbide End Mills

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Business

Carbide end mills are rotational cutting tools, says Makezine. If this is your first time to work with these tools, here are safety rules to live by:

No horseplay

While this is a common sight for other workplaces, in environments wherein employees use cutting tools, horseplay is forbidden. A single wrong move could lead to accidents on site so avoiding behaviors that might put your life and those of the people around at risk is a must.

Learn proper handling

Improper use and handling can lead to accidents. You’ll need to be briefed and instructed on proper handling practices and techniques. Make sure you’ve mastered these before you move on to handling the tools on your own.

Inspect your tools

Make it a habit to inspect your tools before and after every use for any signs of wear or damage. By doing this, you can catch minor problems with your tools and seek out repair assistance to fix the problem. If the damage is severe, make sure to take those tools out of service rather than risk an accident or injury onsite.

Don’t forget about cleaning and maintenance

Always clean your Carbide end mills right along with your other tools before you properly store them away. This will help extend tool life so you get to use them for much, much longer. That’s going help you save on premature replacement costs too.

Go with wise supplier selection

Order from reputable shops. Look for suppliers that have had years of service in the field. They’re much more likely to provide you with the efficient, speedy and quality services you need.

Don’t substitute tools

Don’t try to substitute one tool for another. That could lead to damage to property and employees. Always use quality tools for the best results. Poorly made tools and components break down much too easily so they are never worth it in the long run.

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