Answering Your Questions About Pet Cremation

Losing a pet can be similar to losing a person. They leave lasting impacts on our lives, so we want to make sure their exit out of this world is graceful. Take advantage of pet cremation services in Delaware County, PA, so you can scatter your pet’s ashes in the places they loved or keep him or her near you at all times.

How It Works

Cremation is a heating method that transforms whole remains into bone shards. Those shards are then grinded into a finer substance, turning into the ash you will receive. The process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.

Cremation Through Your Vet

Veterinarians usually contract with crematories, but the package options you may get that way will not be as comprehensive. Think of it this way: your doctors wouldn’t handle cremation of their patients, so why let your vet handle your pet? Trust a cremation service directly to get the job done right and ensure ashes don’t get mixed up.

Pet Services

Look for a service that offers pet transportation to the crematory from your pet’s location, whether it’s your home or the vet. You’ll want to make sure the service welcomes visitors to their building. Are there viewing rooms or personal consultation options? Call several different places and ask for package quotes.

Private vs. Communal Cremation

There are two ways most pet cremation services in Delaware County, PA, offer the cremation process. Private cremation ensures only your pet is undergoing the thermal process at a time. This offers you a guarantee that you will have your pet’s ashes back at the end of the process. It does come with a higher price than communal creation, which is when several pets are cremated at the same time. Depending on how the crematory works, all the ashes will be spread together, or the staff will take care to put identification on each pile of ashes to separate them. Find out before making your final decision.

Storing the Ashes

Many cremation services offer a wide variety of urns and other pet keepsakes. Urn prices can range from anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the style you choose. Many services also offer packages that come with the cremation, an urn, and a keepsake. Chat with your crematory to determine which may be right for your pet.

Take your time to consider these options, and don’t allow yourself to be rushed. After all, your pet deserves the best. For more information, visit the website.