Reasons to Call a Professional When The Need for Skunk Removal in Columbus, OH Arises

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Animal Removal

While most homeowners expect to deal with some type of pest from time to time, most are not prepared to deal with an invasion by different types of wildlife. When something more serious than mice or roaches end up in the house, calling a pro is the best possible move. Here are a few reasons why leaving the Skunk Removal in Columbus OH to a professional makes sense.

Avoiding the Spray

When skunk and homeowner encounter one another, both parties are likely to be startled. If the skunk feels threatened, the next move will be to emit a spray that makes being in the room unbearable. Any attempts to capture the skunk will just make things worse. The best course of action is to back slowly out of the room, close the door gently, then make a run for the phone. Once the professional is on the scene to take care of the Skunk Removal in Columbus OH, the potential for needing to clean and air no more than one room is much higher.

Avoid Being Bitten

While skunks are not generally noted for charging and biting, one that feels trapped is more likely to bite and scratch in an attempt to get free. Skunks can also carry rabies, something that makes them dangerous for pets as well as humans. Even with the low risk of rabies, the bite itself will not exactly be pleasant. Rather than attempting to corner or otherwise engage the skunk, the best bet is to back away and call a professional.

Finding the Entry Point

Once the professional has removed the skunk and it is no longer a threat to the household, it pays to let the pro check around the house. The goal is to find out if there are any other skunks on the premises, and what points of entry may be in place. This is important since the last thing the homeowner wants is a second encounter in a few days.

For any homeowner who is faced with a wildlife infestation, visit and learn more about what steps can be taken. With help from a pro, the problem will soon be a thing of the past.

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