Avoid a Honey Bee Swarm in Westerville, OH By Using Qualified Wildlife Control Experts

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Animal Removal

There are many pests that can aggravate a homeowner, and a few of them can even be deadly. However, the honey bee usually doesn’t fit in that category. This doesn’t mean swarming honey bees aren’t dangerous. In fact, a swarm of bees might do a lot of damage, but most people manage getting stung fairly well as long as allergies aren’t a problem. The reason that honey bees swarm is to create a new nest. That is, the queen will leave the hive with a portion of the workers and search for another place to create a new hive. This swarming confuses a lot of people who think the bees are about to attack. This is when it is time to contact someone who has experience with a Honey Bee Swarm in Westerville OH, to help.

When removing honey bees, it is important to collect the bees properly. Wild bees can be tamed enough to keep in hives for making honey. Most bee keepers are willing to collect wild bees. Unfortunately, this could leave the property owner open to lawsuits and insurance claims if they get hurt while on private property. A technician with experience in dealing with a honey bee swarm in Westerville OH, would be a better choice because they can quickly eliminate the problem without troubling the property owner.

Moving bees usually requires a lot of smoke. It is one of nature’s quirks that the very thing usually signaling danger is also the thing that calms the bees. Careful control of the smoke makes moving the Honey Bee Swarm in Westerville OH, much easier than attempting to catch the bees individually. Plus, the bees can be easily transferred to custom hives where they will be very productive manufacturing honey. Of course, this isn’t the bee’s only function. Many people use bees to help pollinate their plants.

Other, more dangerous flying insects are around that may need to be dealt with as well. Bees often indicate that wasps or other stinging insects are in the area. Like the bee, the wasp poisons its quarry with a stinger. Unlike the bee, however, the wasp doesn’t die from the attack. To learn more about removing bee swarms or dealing with other insects, contact the experts at the Wildlife Control Company. Find more details.

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