Premium Threading Tools for Your Machining Business

Threading is important in a number of different industries from creating plumbing fixtures and machine parts, up to manufacturing parts for aerospace and automotive applications. Turning inserts and tool holders are a vital part of your shop floor equipment. Your CNC machine needs to run its best, with work repeated accurately and quickly. Carmex tools have multiple ISO certifications, as well as OHSAS and CE. For this reason you should consider Carmex tools as a worthy addition and investment for your business.

Keep Your CNC Humming

A master machinist understands that the tools he uses in his trade are specialized invaluable, and just as with any other art form you should have the best tools for the type of work you do. CNC engineering is one of the most in demand skills in any job market, and at the same time competition is tough. You need to bring your A-game, and your best tools in order to bring in new business, and keep old customers happy with the quality parts they have come to expect. When it comes to thread turning and milling, pacing, boring, turning, grooving, chamfering and other specialties you will not find a better tool on the market than Carmex. You will also find that they maintain a library of programming software with feeds and speeds and technical specifications.

Work with Experienced Professionals

Working with a reliable dealer of Carmex tools means that you will always find the parts you need and quality you can rely on, at a price you can afford. Hemly Tool is a family owned business with more than 30 years of experience in working with professional machinists, metalworking tools, and industrial supplies. Where here for you through jobs big and small. Call today and get same day worldwide shipping, so your business can stay in business.