Guest Speakers Can Sell Your Idea with Authority

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Business

Developing the right team requires training, clear expectations, decisive leadership and inspiration. Most of this should come from the leader. This is someone at the front of the pack with the right vision, charisma, and know-how to build rapport and win over employees’ loyalty. Sometimes leaders are put in precarious positions that can make it difficult for their teams to see the big picture. A qualified speaker can connect with people’s sense of purpose and help lead them to the right mindset to confront change, build profits, and improve metrics across the board.

Work Together to Design a Message

A great orator will schedule a discussion with you before the planned event to consider content and the intended lesson for your team. You should prepare for that meeting by mapping out what you hope the outcome of the speech will be in the long term for your employees. For a company in flux, a message that focuses on change management may be appropriate. A company with lagging profits may need to boost morale and introduce new tactics and perspective. Work relationship speakers can bring ideas to the table based on what they’ve done for companies in the past.

Consider the Venue

Space should reflect the number of attendees and the tone of the overall message. A group of CEOs might be most comfortable in a small, conference style set-up. This is where the speaker can stand when it’s necessary, to impose authority, and sit to make the leaders feel at-ease. Larger groups may require an auditorium. However, turning on the lights, or having the speaker enter the audience, allows for personal connections between the guest and your team members. The right arena can make a difference in the way that the audience reacts to the speaker and uses the information down the road.

Reiterate the Moral Long After the Talk

Inspiring your team should never end the moment the speaker is finished. It’s up to you, and the leaders in your organization, to interject the ideas into everyday life at your company. This can be as simple as using a quote or tagline from the talk in company communications. Or, it could be as complex as analyzing the message and creating activities, events and other social interactions to hammer it home. When you believe in the moral and live it, your employees will be more likely to do so as well.

Leading takes courage, skills and the ability to delegate. Delegation shouldn’t end with putting responsibilities on your subordinates. Outsourcing tasks to experts is the tenet of a good leader. Work relationship speakers are a great way to subcontract inspiration to the specialists. Click here for more details.

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