Are Your Office Windows Grody?

Are Your Office Windows Grody?

There’s very little that’s a bigger turn off then coming into professional building in Alamo that has windows coated with dust, dirt, and grime. When you are trying to make a professional impression, and put your best foot forward with a new client, why would you neglect your windows? It would be like showing up at the office in a wrinkled suit with uncombed hair and an unwashed face. It’s not part of a regular janitorial service, but you do need professional window cleaning from time to time.

Your Office Is Your Showroom

Even if you are a professional such as an accountant, lawyer, or insurance professional it pays to think of your office as your retail showroom. Think about it, do you want to present yourself as the CD used car lot full of questionable clunkers, or the Boulevard of Cars showroom full of bright new models and clear clean glass windows? That is a question that answers itself. Unfortunately, professional window cleaners can be very hard to find. A lot of these companies use day labor, and can be sloppy and unprofessional. Finding a professional window cleaning company in Alamo isn’t hard to do.

Professional Is the Key Word

When you start searching for window cleaners, look for a business with a real street address. Their uniformed employees should be clean and friendly, and their trucks have their business name and telephone number visible. Visit their office before asking them to come out and do an estimate, that first impression is critical. Also take care to look them up on the local Better Business Bureau website, and check out their reviews on Yelp and other online review sites. Have them out to do an estimate, and you’ll be on your way to a clean professional presentation for your office.