Overcoming Resistance to Diversity Training

Overcoming Resistance to Diversity Training

When you announce that you’re offering diversity training in your office, you may hear a few sighs and groans. Many people will have no interest in the training and will feel it’s a waste of time. Most people truly believe they are unbiased towards others of different races, cultures, and faiths.

Don’t let the resistance ruin your plans to offer this important training. Choose a consulting firm that specializes in diversity training. You can rest assured they’ve encountered this attitude before, and are well equipped to overcome it.

Your trainers will remain positive regardless of the attitudes of attendees. They will offer training that is informative and interesting. They have plenty of material that allows them to open employees’ eyes to unconscious biases they aren’t aware of.

Most people who attend diversity training report a changed perspective on the cultures of others and of their own unconscious biases toward at least one other culture. In addition, most employees report a greater understanding of other cultures and races as a result of the training.

One of the most important results you’ll see from diversity training is a new level of comfort employees will report in interacting with other employees. Many people feel much more comfortable approaching and working with employees of other cultures once they have gained the understanding this training provides. Many people avoid people of cultures they don’t understand simply because they are afraid of saying the wrong thing and offending someone. This training alleviates those fears and replaces them with understanding.

Diversity training is a great investment for your company. When you provide the training through a consulting firm that specializes in these services, they will be well equipped to cut through any resistance and provide valuable training to your staff. Get in touch with the professionals for your diversity training today.