Why Focus on Smog Tests Only?

Why Focus on Smog Tests Only?

Some stations that perform smog tests also do repairs, but some only do smog tests. What should you consider before choosing the type of station to perform your vehicle testing?

The Difference

A test-only station will simply test your car. If it fails the testing it cannot do the required repairs. That information is passed to the DMV and you go leave to find a repair shop. You may go to repair only station which is allowed to do repairs but not to do the smog testing. However, a smog test station that also does repairs can fix the problem.

It may seem the best choice would be to go to a test and repair station. Wouldn’t that be the most convenient?

Watch Out

I’m always a little concerned when going to visit a physician in Vacaville when the practitioner also owns the testing lab. Can I be sure the test is needed?  gives this warning; stations that do both testing and repair may be tempted to fail a vehicle and recommend unnecessary repairs.

The better option, though less convenient, may be to have your vehicle tested by a smog test only station and have repairs done at a repair only station.

But Don’t I Need The Repair Now?

If your car fails the smog test you need to repair the problem before you can register it or renew the registration. Unless the registration is required immediately you have time. The repair isn’t always an immediate need.

Also, you may be able to qualify for vouchers, an extension, and even financial help with expensive repairs depending on your income. Don’t rush. Get all the information.

There are good reasons to consider using a smog test only station. In Vacaville or wherever you live, there are options. Don’t be in a rush. There may be help if your vehicle fails the testing. It may be better to avoid stations that do both testing and repairs.