Do You Need a Window Cleaning Service?

Do You Need a Window Cleaning Service?

There are plenty of reasons to consider hiring a window cleaning service. But make sure it’s the right move for you. Here’s how to tell if you’re better off DIY-ing a solution or hiring pros:

Do the math

Assess the financial costs of the service. Calculate how much your time, your hourly rate, is. Then find out how many hours you need to deal with all those windows. If it’s only going to take you an hour at most, or maybe even two, then it’s better to simply get the job done yourself. However, if cleaning windows isn’t one of your life skills and you’ll end up spending an entire day or even weekend just trying to get this done, then hiring pros is the best move you can make.

Ask your friends

Finding a trustworthy cleaning service isn’t easy, though. Get your search off the ground by mining friends and family for tips, suggestions and referrals. You’ll have a better chance of finding cleaners you can trust when they’re already recommended by friends and family, says lifehackers.

Know what you need

If you want to save up on costs, make a list of all the chores you really need to get done and then decide which ones you want your cleaning service to handle. By taking on simple cleaning chores, you can leave the heavy window cleaning duties to your window cleaning service.

Trust your instincts

It’s not always easy to get a gauge on a person to see if they’re trustworthy or not. But eyes roving over your electronic devices with a suspicious gleam or any other behavior that seems off is a telling sign. Keep your eyes peeled for that. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the cleaners in any way, politely show them the door and hire someone else.

So whether it’s about doing a DIY approach or hiring pro, make sure you go for the window cleaning solution that’s best for you.