How to Become a Certified Technician for Saeco Repairs in New York City

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Food

No one gives much thought to the machines that make their caffeinated beverages; they are only looking forward to their first sip. But when one of those machines goes down, the coffee shop can’t just call any old repair shop. They need to call in special technicians that are certified in their specific machines. Those technicians are incredibly valuable, but that knowledge doesn’t come from just knowing how to fix things. Here is what it takes to become a certified technician for Saeco Repairs in New York City.

As with any other specialty, this certification requires specific schooling. Even before someone is allowed to enroll in courses, they need to do some preliminary work. The first requirement is a complete understanding of brewing techniques and coffee preparation. Respect and love of coffee is helpful as well. Most programs also require a basic class be completed, which covers the basics of brewing and grinding machines.

As the program continues, technicians start learning the basic maintenance and upkeep required on the machines. Once that has been mastered, the next step is to learn how to actually repair them and even diagnose the problem. As these courses are completed, the technician should be comfortable enough to take on learning the chemistry involved in brewing coffee and dairy storage.

After completing the program, technicians are required to complete an apprenticeship. This is the time to really gain hands-on experience in the fast-paced world of coffee shops and restaurants. Once the apprenticeship is done, technicians typically need to complete a final written exam and also a practical portion to receive their certification.

Most technicians does n’t stop there either. They continue on to receive certifications in specific machinery, which means more coursework specific to certain brands. These courses typically cover installation methods and trouble-shooting specific models. Upon completion of these courses, the technicians also need to complete a designated amount of hours working on the specific brand.

A decent amount of coursework and studying goes into becoming a certified technician for Saeco Repairs in New York City, but it’s all well worth it. For more detailed information on how to get started, contact us.

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