Custom or Mass Produced Transformer – Which One is Best?

by | Feb 17, 2017 | Electronics and Electrical

Drive isolation and other types of transformers can be bought mass produced from drive isolation transformer suppliers or made to order by specialists. You can even make one yourself if you have the components and the knowledge. There are positives and negatives to each type as custom made machines will cost more but in some cases provide more power. This guide will tell you which type of transformer you should buy:

1. Basic Equipment says that to make even a basic transformer, there are certain components you will need. These include input voltage and frequency and output voltage and current as a bare minimum. You can buy this equipment from specialist parts stores, but if you are unable to source them yourself then a specialist can put your transformer together for you.

2. Industry Knowledge

To produce your own transformer or even to order a custom built model requires a fairly strong knowledge of electronic equipment and practices, not just the basic equipment. Drive isolation transformer suppliers have years of experience and knowledge of the industry and are well versed enough to always provide you with the right type of transformer for your purpose that is guaranteed to work correctly.

3. Output Power

All About Circuits and many other places have tutorials on how to make a basic transformer, but those are only for small scale functions or for practice. If you need a transformer for a larger output or more complex purpose, you will need incredibly strong knowledge in order to make one yourself that will perform the function safely.

Custom made and even home-made transformers can have some uses and save money, but if your electronic skills aren’t up to scratch just yet, mass produced transformers will function effectively and safely. Check out online suppliers to see what is available and how they could help with your electronics project or needs.

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