Important Information when Selling your Laptop

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Electronics

Why would someone want to buy an old laptop from an online store? People like to buy from such shops because it is easy to find quality laptops at an affordable price. As a seller, how can you make sure your old laptop earns you a good amount of money from the sale?

  • Know the specs of your laptop – Get to now details such as the amount of RAM, model number, screen size, a size of hard drive, type of processor, and the name of the manufacturer. The information will guide you to know the appropriate resale price to sell your used laptop online.
  • Clean your laptop – A clean laptop is presentable and looks well maintained, so the buyers will not worry much about its condition. Wipe any debris, food crumps and dust away using a cloth or a dry rag. If the screen has fingerprints and smudges, wipe them and dust off the external parts of the laptop. If your laptop is clean, it will be easy to negotiate a better selling price.
  • Prepare your laptop for the next user – One way to do this is by backing up all your personal information then deleting it from your laptop. After you back up all the information, perform a factory reset on your laptop. Remove passwords, Google accounts, and any username. This will make it easy for the buyer to personalize it within a short time.
  • Learn which laptops sell most and their price – There are laptops which sell fast but their resale value is low while others sell slowly at a higher resale value. You must research to find out which category your laptop falls under. The resale value is influenced by the manufacturer and the year of manufacturing so make sure you have this information before approaching an online mobile phone store.

As you look for a place to sell your used laptop online, make sure you select a shop with adequate knowledge on the trade. A professional store for used laptops understands the ins and outs of the business and offers their clients good deals on any sale.

We are a professional online stop for old laptops. Sellyt offers practical and helpful solutions for people looking for places to sell their used laptops and phones and a good price. We guarantee to offer you the best value for your laptop and to pay you the same day we receive your laptop.

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