How to Save Money on Car Insurance

You never want to pay more than absolutely necessary for car insurance. The good news is that there are many different ways that you can keep an insurance bill to a minimum. Let’s go over a couple of the more common strategies people use to accomplish this goal.

Look for Available Discounts

Those looking to buy car insurance St Augustine FL can save money through discounts offered by their insurance provider. For instance, you may be entitled to a discount for not filing a claim over the past six months. Good students, newlyweds and those who have turned 25 may also qualify for a reduced insurance rate.

However, in most cases, you will need to ask for those discounts to have them applied to your policy. If you have a teen driver, put that individual on your insurance policy as he or she will get the same discounts that you do. That may result in a lower premium for the teen driver in your household.

Shop Around for a New Insurance Provider

It is perfectly acceptable to shop around for car insurance St Augustine FL. If you find a better price for the coverage that you need, feel free to purchase that policy immediately. However, be sure that the start date of your new policy is no later than the date that your current one lapses.

Your current insurance provider will refund any unused portion of your last premium payment if you switch before a policy lapses. It may be possible to get a rate quote prior to buying a new policy by going to an insurance company’s website or to an insurance quote comparison site.

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