Lionfish Spear Fishing, a Perfect Technique to Curb Lionfish Invasion

The lionfish are now the invasive top predators in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean. These predators are decreasing the populations of the native marine invertebrate and fish on the USA southeast coast and the Gulf of Mexico. The lionfish pose a significant danger to the biodiversity of the entire marine ecosystem. Several lionfish control measures are being developed to protect the several marine sanctuaries established in the affected regions.

Marine Hunting enthusiasts can freely do lionfish spear fishing to decrease the population of these predators that are now dominating the tropical and temperate Atlantic Ocean. If lionfish are not curbed, they will continue threatening the marine communities because of their diet. The Atlantic is estimated to have significant densities of lionfish measuring (500 lionfish a hectare). This population is a threat negatively impacting the resilience and biodiversity of the reef marine life.

Lionfish are consistently dining on young native reef fish. This is a disaster because recovering these stocks is next to impossible. These juvenile reef fish are ecologically and economically vital species. A reduced population in these native reef fish is a great risk to the marine sanctuaries based on the Gulf of Mexico and Southeastern Atlantic.

The have vowed to research and continue educating populations about these relentless predators. There are new control techniques underway to curb the invasion of lionfish. Lionfish spear hunting can be a perfect mechanism that can expand the strategies laid to control lionfish. Most of the control efforts that have been in effect were all diver-based.

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