5 Reasons to Pick a Cantilever Racking Solution

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Material Handling Equipment Supplier

Designed for longer and thinner items, cantilever rack systems may be the right storage solution for your warehouse. Here are a number of reasons why your business should invest in them.

Awkward Loads

If you have long and awkwardly-shaped loads that aren’t a good fit for traditional racking systems, then cantilever racks are a sound option. If you’re handling anything from timber and trusses to plywood, pipes, and the like, then try out cantilever racking systems.

More Storage

You can also resort to floor stacking to store your inventory. However, it’s a poor way to take advantage of your facility’s height. The right racking system will help you take advantage of every available space in your warehouse, including its height, and give you more vertical storage space.

Convenient Access

Cantilever storage racks offer easy access to your inventory. And because you can configure them to be double-sided, your forklift will reach these racks with ease.

Easy Installation

Cantilever racking solutions are easy to install. You can also adjust the angle and height of the arms easily. That level of flexibility means you can store plenty of diverse loads, which increases the productivity of your warehouse staff. You can also buy additional arms, so scaling for future expansions isn’t going to be a problem.

Time and Cost-Savings

Cantilever racking solutions save you time and money. You get things done quicker. Consider methods like floor stacking, which make it hard to retrieve or store anything, much less organize any of your stocks. You won’t have any of those problems with cantilever racks. Because of making better use of the facility and getting more vertical space, you also save on money, since you won’t need to worry about acquiring a new warehouse or remodeling your own just to expand. You’ll have more than enough space.

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