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History books are more than just a nice keep sake or record of a corporation’s history and legacy. They are valuable resources that help put a face to your company and helps ensure the legacy and inspiration of the business has built upon is not lost and is passed on to the next generation of workers. Here are just a few reasons businesses should consider company history books as a viable option for preserving their legacy:

1. To preserve a strong written history. Being able to put forth a publication that clearly and creatively outlines the inspiration, motivation, and legacy of the company is a wonderful thing. It allows your customers and the community to get to know you and builds a feeling of respect and trust.

2. To keep your story current. History itself does not change but what happens from a certain point on will soon become history and that needs to be preserved. What happened 20 years ago is engrained in the company’s history but what happened since needs to be updated and a history books allow you to do this!

3. To commemorate milestone events. Businesses have many milestones and big anniversaries to celebrate and a good way to commemorate these special occasions is with a customized company history book made for that event. They are great promo items and keepsakes for employees and members of the community.

4. To leverage your power and authority. History, especially a strong and successful one, brings power to a company. It gives you a voice and some authority and a well laid out chronicle of your history helps you leverage that power and authority within the community and within your industry.

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