Here Are 4 Reasons Why a Piano Bar is Better Than a ‘Regular’ Bar

Not all bars are created equal. If you’ve never been to a Westgate Glendale restaurant that happens to be a piano bar, you are definitely missing out on a truly unique and enjoyable experience. Read on to discover four reasons why a piano bar is better than a “regular” bar.

The Music is Good Unlike traditional bars that often blast music through speakers, a piano bar features music generated from an instrument that’s been giving people joy for more than 300 years. Having a piano as the central musical provider also means a lot of flexibility with what’s played. You may even hear spontaneous applause break out as patrons show their appreciation.

It’s Possible to Hold an Actual Conversation There hasn’t been an official study done on the most common word spoken in a traditional bar-slash-restaurant, but it’s safe to assume it’s either “what” or “huh.” However, music in a piano bar is always appropriately volumed, meaning you can actually hear other people talking to you.

The Atmosphere is Classy Bars often strive to be modern and trendy, which sometimes contributes to atmospheres not appealing to someone looking to relax and unwind in a more dignified way. Other restaurants with traditional bar areas attempt to create moods with lighting that’s way too dark or a bit too creative. A piano bar, however, creates its own niche by focusing on a classy setting for people who appreciate good music.

A Piano Bar Restaurant is a Perfect Party and Event Spot A regular bar isn’t always an appropriate place to have a party or celebrate an event. A Westgate Glendale restaurant with a piano bar, however, can be a perfect spot for a more elegant business-related gathering. It’s also a great place to celebrate important life events in a setting that’s unique, low-key, and highly engaging.

Finally, be warned that random karaoke sessions could break out at a Westgate Glendale restaurant that’s also a piano bar. In fact, pianists generally love a crowd that’s active and engaged. It’s all part of the piano bar experience, which you’re welcome to enjoy any time you wish to do so.