How to Choose the Best Carbide Tip for Series AL3F Aluminum Alloys

How to Choose the Best Carbide Tip for Series AL3F Aluminum Alloys

In order to get the tools that you need for your production line or manufacturing, it is best to work with a CNC end mill. An experienced CNC end mill can create a customized tool for your application. These tips will help you select the best carbide tip for working with series AL3F aluminum alloys.

Helix Angles

The helix angle refers to the angle of approach of the tip into the material. The angle is important because it allows for less time to get through the material. An ideal angle also eliminates the possibility of bending or warping of the thin aluminum alloy. The best helix angle for working with the AL3F series of aluminum alloy is 45 degrees. Each of the flutes on these tips has a 45-degree helix angle for durability and precision cutting.

Flute Options

The flute options are also important when considering which style of a carbide tip to get for working with AL3F series aluminum alloy. A three-flute end is ideal for both accuracy and precision. These flutes offer full eccentric relief and can be applied at a variable pitch for ease of cutting.

Cutting Diameter

In most cases, you need the tip to cut a specific diameter of hole. You do not want to have to scrap a piece of nearly finished material just because a hole is too big or too small. One of the advantages of the diamond-coated carbide tips is that the holes are of a consistent size every time. The small tolerances mean that there is little variability, even if the tip is hot from a lot of repeated use. The cutting diameters of these tips range from 5/32 to 1 inch, in 1/32 inch increments.

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