How to Handle Water Damage Emergencies

How to Handle Water Damage Emergencies

One of the most serious emergencies that can happen to your home or business is water damage. Uncontrolled water can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your property and the things within it. If you want to be prepared for water damage in Jacksonville, you need to know what to do if it happens and be able to put a plan in place quickly.

Stop the Source of Water

In some cases, water damage emergencies are related to a pressurized water line or hot water tank that bursts. No matter what the reason, you should be aware of where the water shutoffs are located. This is the first thing you should do when water damage is afoot. This will prevent more water from entering the home, which lessens the chance of permanent damage.

Think About Safety

If you can do so safely, the next step you should take is to turn off any electrical sources to the area with water damage. You can do this by unplugging devices or switching the circuit breakers. Be careful as water conducts electricity and can cause injury or death. Keep household members away from the water, especially pets and young children.

Protect Your Belongings

The next thing you can do when handling water damage in Jacksonville is work to protect important belongings. You can raise or remove furniture, boxes, and valuables that might be flooded. Items that get wet will become moldy quickly, which leads to rot. Any valuables need to be moved to safety to begin drying.

Speak with Your Insurance Provider

You will want to contact your insurance company to find out what the process is for handling water removal and restoration. You may be required to use specific contractors to handle the repairs or you may be allowed to use anyone, but not do the cleanup on your own. Find out what the process is and what rules you need to follow to ensure you are reimbursed for the issue.

Work with Professionals

You will want to work with a professional to remove the water in your home and start the drying process. These experts will have the proper equipment needed to do the job correctly. Moisture detectors and remote cameras are excellent tools to find water that you won’t locate on your own.

If you are looking for water damage assistance in Jacksonville, consider contacting Aqua Restoration. We’d be happy to help you handle the emergency situation you are in.