What Nutrients Does Your Cat Really Need?

by | Jul 20, 2018 | Pet Care

As a cat lover, you probably already know that your cat needs a very specific balance of nutrients to be healthy. Protein from animal sources is important because it contains the right amino acids, such as taurine, that cats need. Essential fatty acids and minerals are important for a cat’s health as well. Vitamins from vegetables usually round out a cat’s dietary needs, and when you put those things together, you have quality cat food. But what about your cat, specifically? What if your cat has unique needs that aren’t addressed by this type of formula? Here’s out Acana cat food addresses the nutrients for specific feline needs.

Twice as Much Animal Protein for Healthy Weight

One of the biggest health problems facing cats today is being overweight. When a cat is overweight, not only does it impact the rest of their health, it can make their health worse over time because it makes it harder for their bodies to absorb those amino acids and minerals they need. Acana cat food’s formulas are 75% animal protein, which is twice as much as other brands. This formula helps maintain a healthier weight while your cat gets more energy and all the nutrients they need.

No Grains to Manage Diabetes and Allergies

Does your cat suffer from diabetes, allergies, or gastrointestinal problems like chronic diarrhea? One of the problems could be grains in their diet. The National Research Council for Cat Nutrition has stated that cats don’t need any sort of grain-based carbohydrates in their diet at all, so Acana leaves this out of their cat food. The fiber in Acana cat food comes from lentils and beans, and the carbohydrates come from vegetables like squash.

Fresh and Raw Ingredients Help Cats With Urinary Issues

One of the most dangerous conditions for a cat is a urinary issue. Cats can quickly become very ill if they are having a problem like this, and it’s more common than you think. That is because cats aren’t really made to be “thirsty” often – their bodies process much of their water from their food. If their food consists of dried kibble made with lots of preservatives and salt, this can spell bad news. That is why Acana cat food is made with 50% fresh, raw ingredients, to help keep your cat hydrated as well.

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