What Every Rapid City Business Owner Should Know About Fire Extinguishers

As a business owner, fire safety is a big concern and, while you may have a response plan, it’s also necessary to know how to care for your equipment. One item that business owners should know more about is the fire extinguisher they keep on their property. In addition to submitting your extinguishers for commercial fire extinguisher testing in Rapid City, this guide can help you take better care of your equipment.

How Long Can You Keep a Fire Extinguisher?

Regardless of how frequently your equipment undergoes commercial fire extinguisher testing in Rapid City, it’s shelf life will still be limited. This is because the pressure inside the canister will diminish over time. Typically, a fire extinguisher should be replaced within 15 years to ensure it will still operate in an emergency. However, you should still be testing it every six months to ensure it is in good working order.

When Must an Extinguisher Be Replaced?

As long as your extinguisher remains in good condition, it can last for up to 15 years. Even so, any type of damage can inhibit its ability to function properly. In particular, be sure to replace extinguishers with torn or cracked nozzles and hoses.

If the unit is missing any of the following, it should also be replaced:

Locking pin


Inspection sticker

Finally, any dents or damage to the canister indicates a need to repair or replace the unit. This type of damage may cause small leaks that could compromise the pressure inside the extinguisher.

If you need to update or test your business’ fire safety equipment, contact Summit Fire Protection or visit them online at summitfire.com/locations/rapid-city/.