Gas Chlorination for Safer, Softer, Cleaner Water

If you’re looking to sanitize a large amount of water – such as a swimming pool, hotel spa, or other public location – you’ve undoubtedly considered chlorination. Have you considered how you’re going to chlorinate your water? Read on to find out how gas chlorination may be a safe and easy option for your needs:

Softer, Gentler, and Just as Clean

Chlorine is the best choice for water sterilization, but adding it to your water via solids such as salts or tablets can leave dissolved solids in your water supply. While this is not typically harmful, it does cause the water to harden, which can create issues with surfaces encountering the water and skin, eyes and mouths that come in contact with it as well. So, if you want to introduce chlorine to your water but don’t want to deal with those dissolved solids, your best option is to use gas chlorination for sanitization.

Safety First

It’s important to remember that chlorine gas itself is highly toxic and very dangerous. So, how does this hazardous gas contribute to the safety of the public water supply, and how do those responsible for chlorinating water with gas do so safely?

The answer is the vacuum type gas chlorinator. Introducing pure chlorine gas to water can be a dangerous process if done in a way that exposes workers to the gas itself, so the actual introduction of that gas into water is performed in a sealed vacuum tube. This keeps the gas from doing any harm in its pure form. Once the water moves through this tube and is effectively chlorinated, it exits the tube as a safely usable or consumable product.

If you’re looking for water sterilization solutions for your public water supply or swimming area, consider a vacuum type gas chlorinator, and consider an effective, powerful means of sanitizing your water and making it safe for whatever your consumers need it for. Contact your nearest supplier of water sanitation solutions for more information on gas chlorination, and how it can give you the safe, clean water you need – without all the extras!