What Car Owners Should Know About Cabin Air Filters

If you’re like many car owners, you probably never heard of a cabin air filter. In general, cars manufactured since 2000 have these filters installed. They are an integral part of the vehicle’s HVAC system that keeps pollutants such as pollen, spores, and smog from entering the automobile. Like any auto part, it will need to be replaced.

Check the Owner’s Manual

Auto manufactures have guidelines for when a cabin air filter replacement is required. Changing it out once a year or every 15,000 to 25,000 miles is the general rule of thumb. Check the manual to see how often it should be replaced for your specific vehicle model. Keep in mind, the time intervals are recommendations and won’t apply to all drivers. For example, if you often drive on dusty roads, you may have to replace the filter more frequently.

Warning Signs

There are some tell-tale signs that let you know the filter needs to be changed. A quick visual inspection will tell you a lot. Cabin air filters are typically located under the dashboard or hood, depending on the car model. If you see foreign objects trapped in it, it’s time for a change. The objects can be anything ranging from a toy to a rodent. Excessive amounts of dirt or sand especially during the summer, is a sign that it’s time for a replacement.

There are other warning signs such as increased window fogging. Has the airflow from AC vents decreased? Are abnormal smells entering the car? If any of these situations occur, you likely have a bad filter.

Benefits of a Clean Filter

Don’t take the cabin air filter for granted. It helps the air conditioner run more efficiently. Additionally, it maintains proper airflow throughout the passenger compartment. It’s a vital part of your vehicle’s ventilation system that keeps a variety of pollutants outside. It filters out environmental toxins ranging from dust and mildew to smoke and pollen. The filter allows you and your passengers to breathe cleaner air. This is good news for anyone with allergies or a breathing-related medical condition. So, replacing a failing filter is not only good for your car but also your health.

A cabin air filter replacement may not come to mind when you think about vehicle maintenance, but it’s an important auto part. It plays a critical role in keeping the air inside your car crisp and clean. If you don’t want to replace it yourself, then have your mechanic install a new one for you. Visit Pgfilters.com for more details.