Well Testing Companies in Grants Pass, OR Keep Water Customers Safe

Well Testing Companies in Grants Pass, OR Keep Water Customers Safe

If you intend to purchase a house with a well, you need to know some vital information about the groundwater in the well. Tests for domestic wells should be conducted by real estate sellers to ensure the quality of the well water.

Therefore, if you sell a property, you need to contact one of the well testing companies in Grants Pass, OR about an assessment of the well water on your property. This is done so that the buyer knows the overall nature of the water. Tests are run for nitrate, arsenic, and coliform bacteria. If the test shows reason for public concern, additional testing may be requested.

Supporting the Sale and Purchase of Real Estate

Well testing companies that support real estate transactions must provide the water analysis results to the buyer within 90 days. To support the real estate transaction, the seller must submit, to the local water authority, lab copies of the amount of nitrate, arsenic, and coliform bacteria in a water supply.

Worthwhile Information for Both the Buyer and Seller

This information is highly valuable, as it is entered, along with the well’s identification number, onto a water system data sheet. Included in this documentation is the property’s description. The description includes the range, township, section, street address, and the city, state, and zip code. Therefore, well testing companies provide worthwhile data to both sellers and purchasers of real estate.

Who to Contact for Testing

Are you interested in learning more about well water testing? If so, go online and check out sites such as companies. Do all you can for your residential environment, and comply with the law. Check out water testing packages today. In Oregon, testing applies to wells that regularly supply groundwater to residences. Residential wells that are capped do not legally need to be tested. If you live in Oregon, only use the services of an accredited Oregon Environmental Laboratory company.