Dental Assistants: What They Do and How to Obtain the Training You Need

by | Dec 26, 2017 | Education

A dental assistant has a vital role and must obtain the skills required to perform a variety of tasks in a dental office. Their responsibilities range from preparing patients for dental procedures, to taking x-rays, to cleaning teeth and more. They also assist with office duties such as billing insurance companies, answering phone calls, and scheduling appointments for new or current patients. An individual that gets the training required to be a dental assistant can secure a position in the industry that offers rewarding pay and benefits. With a dental assistant course in Jacksonville, FL from a quality school, you can acquire the skill set you require to work in a local dental office.

Benefits of Acquiring a Certification

  • You are trained by professional and experienced dentists or dental assistants that can provide the latest information available for working in the dental industry.
  • A dental assistant course in Jacksonville, FL that focuses on the core skills can help you complete the program faster to start a lucrative career.
  • You gain hands-on training that can help you retain information better and provide some experience before searching for a position in the industry.
  • The instructors can provide critical feedback immediately to help you learn which skill sets you need to strengthen to successfully succeed in the field.
  • Most of all, you increase your chance of securing a job over other applicants that do not have the quality training or education that you do.

Apply Today to Start the Journey to Your Dream Job

Bartram Dental Assisting School understands the importance of providing people with highly-trained and motivated individuals to assist in a dental office. They search for applicants that show the interest and desire to gain an education in providing dental assistant services. Each student is subjected to an interview that must meet the director’s approval before they are admitted to the school for training. Courses will challenge students and encourage them to gain the skills they need to succeed in the field of dentistry

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