Tips for Creating Effective Wayfinding Signs

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Business

You have likely encountered a number of wayfinding signs in Illinois before, but may not even realize it. Anything from signs that tell you which way to go, where something is, and other directions are wayfinding signs. Learn about creating great and effective directional signs by using the tips here.

Choose the Right Text and Colors

It is important that people passing by your signs can easily read what they say. You need to use only extremely legible fonts, and make sure that the signs are big enough that you can choose a font size that is easy to read. Also, remember the colors. Using bold, vibrant colors will ensure those passing by can easily see the sign, regardless of how fast they may be going.

Consider the Location of Your Signs

When you have your signs created, the next important consideration will be where you place them. Consider walking around to see where signs are needed. Anticipate the needs of your visitors or customers. This will ensure you have signs where they are needed, and will help prevent confusion among your guests or customers.

Where to Use Wayfinding Signs

Keep in mind, wayfinding signs in Illinois are something that all types of properties can use. Retail establishments can use them to denote different departments and campgrounds, ski lodges and other outdoor venues can use them to direct people to different areas.

Having quality wayfinding signs in Illinois in place can help enhance your property and make things easier to find. Make sure to keep this in mind when having your signs created. This will help ensure your visitors or customers know where to go.

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