Choosing the Best Frame for Your Art

An art frame can make a work of art become a centerpiece in your home. Choosing the best design and color depends on a few factors. Following is a method you can follow to choose the perfect frame for your valuable art work.


The intention of a frame is to highlight a piece of art subtly and beautifully. The frame should be fluidity to the painting. If you choose a large, brash and colorful frame for a painting that is more toned down and safe, the frame can easily become an unintended focus. Choose a frame that beautifully highlights the colors used in the picture. If lots or warm colors are used, like reds and oranges, going towards the gold and bronze frames would be a great starting point. Alternately, if you have more cool shades in your picture, such as blues and greens, go for more silver toned framing.


The size of the frame should follow suit with the size of the art piece. If you have a larger picture, steer towards the thicker frames. If you go too small, the painting will overwhelm the frame rendering it unnoticeable

If you have a smaller work of art, you should choose a thinner, more streamlined option to enhance look. As stated above, it is all about creating a look of cohesiveness. You do not want one aspect overshadowing another.

Consult With an Expert

If you are unsure of the size you should go with, there are art galleries in Chicago that offer fine framing and consultation. Once there, you can play around with the different types of frames offered and choose a piece that is just right for you. The framing consultant can give you insider tips on what would work best for your paintings and what to stay away from.

Art galleries in Chicago offer framing services. Contact Art Post Gallery at Website to schedule one today.