Buying And Getting The Most Out of Your Water Heater

There’s nothing worse than the moment when you are in the shower and your water heater stops working. We don’t realize what a luxury hot water is until we have to live without it for a few days. This experience is likely to happen to just about everyone because this is one appliance that is most likely to die within its warranty period. They typically do not last up to 20 years, particularly in areas with hard water. Fortunately, these appliances have gained significantly in energy efficiency over the past few years, so replacing them now is not all bad news.

When you are looking for a new water heater, the first thing you will notice is there are a lot of different options available. One thing you may want to consider is consulting with the plumbing company who is going to be installing and maintaining your unit. A plumber can evaluate the water usage patterns in your home, including gallons needed during peak usage times, the installation space and the maintenance necessary for the units that would be a good fit for your household.

There are also different types of units to consider, some of which you as a consumer may not be familiar with, but a plumber undoubtedly will be and can advise you on. There are the traditional tank heaters, of course, which are becoming more efficient and use less energy to run than they used to. There are also tankless heaters which, rather than storing water, heat water with coils as it is needed. These heaters are typically better for households that use hot water for one use at a time only; however, they are more energy efficient. There are also hybrid tank heaters which are very energy efficient, but these heaters require a lot of space and do not do well in cold areas.

There are a lot of factors to consider which is why consulting a plumber can be useful. Also, your water heater requires maintenance if they are to last. Both tank and tankless heaters must be flushed on a regular basis to keep them free of sediment. While some homeowners prefer to do this themselves, there are important equipment checks that need to be performed when the heaters are being flushed because it’s frequently rods, valves and other parts that wear down over time which cause heaters to break down prematurely. Annual maintenance checks by a professional can keep you from having another cold shower experience. For more details visit at You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.