Your Catholic Wedding Checklist

Your Catholic Wedding Checklist

Ready to make the catholic wedding of your dreams come true? Here’s a checklist to help you stay sane and on track of everything:

Pick a date

This can depend on your church, on the times of the year or day that it’s available. You might need to be flexible about the day and time of your wedding if you want the best possible options in your special day.

Determine the location

Since many priests won’t perform the ceremony outside of the church, you may need to become a member of the church. In some cases, the wedding is typically held at the home parish of the bride. See if this works for you and your fiancé. You could also look into performing the ceremony in the church where you first met or where you first listened to mass as a couple.

Know the requirements

All catholic marriages require permission from the church to wed. So make sure have time to complete the Catholic Church’s requirements, says The Knot. Incomplete requirements could cause unwanted delays and that’s the last thing you want to happen. So gather your confirmation, baptismal and proof of communion for starters.

Choose an officiant

A catholic wedding wouldn’t be complete without picking the right minister. Your wedding isn’t just a legal bond, it’s a pact with God. It’s only right that you and your fiancé choose someone who inspires you both, who can give you that soulful pep talk, who can talk passionately about what the marriage stands for and the kind of work that’s ahead to keep your marriage strong in the eyes of God.

Ask about conversion

If your spouse isn’t catholic and wishes to convert, talk it out with your officiant or someone from the church. They’ll provide you with the information you need so and your spouse can take steps to make it happen.

Hopefully, this handy checklist can help make things easier on you and your spouse. Happy planning and congratulations!