Top Three Things to Avoid in a Tradeshow Display

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Rental Exhibits

Tradeshow exhibits are a great way for businesses to create a stir in their industry. There are many design ideas online for creating an original and effective booth, but it can be all too easy to make a big mishap in your display that could prevent sales and waste your investment. Here are some top things to avoid in your exhibit and ways to make yours stand out instead:

1. The Wrong Location

Location is everything at a trade show. Being placed in a remote corner, next to your main competitor, or near the entrance before people are ready to start spending can kill your booth’s performance. Studio 1 Productions suggests asking the show promoter for a map of the exhibition hall or location in advance to see if you can select your location. If you are placed in a bad location, save your budget and pull out of the show for a better one instead.

2. Lazy Staff

The staff you choose for your booth will make all the difference to your sales. Lazy staff that sit around or fail to interact with visitors won’t be worth their paycheck. Instead, assign the best sales staff to all tradeshow exhibits so they will make conversation with customers and will be friendly and approachable without becoming too pushy.

3. Generic Booths

There are certain things that all booths must do, but it is too easy to make yours look generic and boring or the same as the hundreds of other booths surrounding you. Brandwatch suggests using bright colors and an effective design to make yours different and memorable.

Putting some thought and effort into your booth, hiring the right staff, and always choosing the best location will ensure your display pays for itself and creates a great buzz for your company.

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